How To Make Money Online Before Buying Traffic

Learning to make money online before buying traffic is one of the most important things you can learn as an affiliate in my opinion. In my blog post How To Start Making Daily Affiliate Sales. Affiliate Marketing Training I explained this is how to start making daily affiliate sales.

No-one else teaches this as far as I know, but it should be the first thing that new affiliates are taught, because it practically guarantees success.

There are 3 different ways you can earn money before paying for traffic:

  • Create free passive income that constantly builds.
  • Using free traffic sites that pay.
  • Using a single cost affiliate product and free traffic to promote it.

Create Free Passive Income That Constantly Builds

This is my favourite method, because the more it is used, the more money is made. This allows you to scale up your traffic levels constantly.

To use this method you basically set up an automated ad campaign that promotes free sites. The more referrals you get the more money you earn from this. An example of an automated ad campaign I run for this is shown in the following blog posts:

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Using Free Traffic Sites That Pay

This is a very simple method. You join some free traffic sites that actually pay you to use them. You earn some cash and you use it to pay for upgrades.

Some free traffic sites I use for this are:

Leadsleap – Surf for daily bonus cash, use it to upgrade to pro.

Infinity Traffic Boost – Surf for daily bonus cash, purchase TPO 1.

Hungry for Hits – Surf and claim surf rewards and play games, purchase 1 day ad package.

These 3 sites have very different upgrade costs and benefits.

Leadsleap is the most expensive upgrade, but you get a huge amount of advertising for that cost. You also get a lot of tools that make marketing much more effective.

Infinity Traffic Boost costs just $3 – $4 for TPO 1. By surfing 100+ pages a day you can easily earn this within a month. The package will last for around a month as well, so it works nicely.

Hungry for Hits has a very low cost 1 day ad package that you can easily earn within a couple of days from surfing.

I recommend you use all 3 sites and work on earning to upgrade each one. Due to the difference in cost, the 3 sites work very well together to keep your ads running constantly.

Using A Single Cost Affiliate Product And Free Traffic To Promote It

Out of the 3 methods dicussed today, this is the only one that requires some funds to get started. It is important that you choose a single cost product to promote, and something that is reasonably low cost too.

One of my favourite products to use for this is Pick and Profit Pay Per Lead. The cost is just $9.97 and it pays $5 commissions. With just 3 sales you have a profit which can be used to pay for more traffic. The more sales you make the more traffic you can buy, and this can scale up very nicely.

Combine this with the 3 free traffic sites above, and you will earn free ad credits to promote Pick and Profit while ALSO working on generating cash to upgrade on each site at the same time.

The Smartest Marketing Strategy

As I said at the beginning of this blog post, no one else teaches affiliates to work in this way as far as I know, yet it practically guarantees success. It makes complete sense that earning more than you spend on traffic is going to make you a profit EVEN WITHOUT ANY SALES. When you learn to protect yourself from the possibility of no sales, while also building traffic levels, you create a system that keeps you motivated and moving forward. As you progress, making affiliate sales gets easier and easier and much more frequent too.

The smartest marketing strategy, and the one that works faster than any single method discussed so far, is to use ALL THREE of the methods at the same time.


This is a lot easier than you might think.

In my next blog post I will tell you more about how to do it.


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