How To Earn $100 Fast Without Investment

If you want to earn $100 fast without investment, you have to be prepared to do a LOT of promoting. It is possible to make $100 in a single day if you follow this method, but most people will need a bit longer. I suggest working on an intensive ad campaign for at least 7 days, then put it onto automated promoting.

How To Start

The first thing you need to do is join a really good brand new traffic site. It is called 100 Percent Clicks and is run by a top traffic guy (Frank Salinas).

Click Here To Join 100 Percent Clicks

The first thing you will see is a one time offer to upgrade that costs $25. You do not have to take this offer, but it will cost $97 inside if you choose to upgrade later (and you will want to upgrade later to increase commission levels if you follow this plan).

If you can afford to pay $25 when you join then I highly recommend you do that. If no funds available when you join you WILL need to use your first earned funds to upgrade later (or you will not be able to earn any more commissions).

How To Earn

This site pays 100% commission on referrals first purchases which can be as much as $297, but is more likely to be $25. You will earn NOTHING if you do not promote the site. I will teach you how to do this below.

Even free members earn 100% commission BUT ONLY ON THE FIRST SALE. This is very important.


Upgraded members earn 100% commission on all referrals first purchase. If you get a referral who chooses to upgrade to ELITE level this is $297. It is much more likely they will take the one time offer of a $25 gold upgrade when they log in.

To earn $100 then I suggest you aim to get 4 paid upgrades of $25.

How To Get 4 or More Paid Upgrades

The first step to promoting is, as always, the lead capture page. You can import a copy of my capture page, but you need to have an account with Leadsleap to do that.

Click Here To Join Leadsleap

The lead capture page I am using for this campaign is this one: The code to import it is: page-afYwVVfGxmw

Click Here For Instructions To Import Page into Leadsleap

Do not forget to create an email list and link it to the page as well. The post above explains how to do that too!

Share This Blog Post

As part of your advertising campaign you are going to need to share a copy of this blog post. To do that I recommend you join my team on Global Domains International. It is free to join as you will get a 7 day free trial. After that it costs $10 a month.

Click Here To Join Global Domains International

To set up your account as a blog follow these instructions: WordPress Blog Set Up with Global Domains International

Copy and paste this whole blog post into your blog post, and update the referral links to your own.

Send a link to your blog post to those who subscribe to your email list. (I will provide example emails in tomorrows blog post)

Intensive Promoting

After importing your page and linking a new email list, you need to promote your lead capture page as much as you can possibly manage for at least 7 days.

The easiest way to do this is by using free promo codes on MANY traffic sites.

Keep an eye out for these codes while using traffic sites – they are all over the place. If you want a list of sites and promo codes I will be adding one to this blog over the next few days.

Automated Promoting

If you wish to focus on automated promoting (and I recommend you do this after the 7 days of intensive promoting), you will need to use paid traffic options.

The main sites I recommend for this are:


Infinity Traffic Boost

Hungry for Hits

You can surf to earn upgrades on each of these sites so advertising runs on autopilot for you!


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