How To Make Daily Affiliate Sales With A Single Blog Post

Yes you can make daily affiliate sales with a single blog post….. and you can use a blog post to sell anything you want as well. There are some things that are much easier to sell than others though so I recommend you start with the easiest option possible. For that you are going to need a high demand product.

High Demand Products

One of the best selling products online is…….. TRAFFIC. Every single person who works online needs traffic in unlimited amounts, so that makes traffic a high demand product. It is very simple to sell traffic too. This is how you do it:

Find A Fantastic Offer

Thanks to the sheer number of traffic sites online, there is a lot of competition to provide fantastic offers. All you need to do is find a really irresistible offer…..

Thankfully there are plenty of these to choose from.

Something that sells really well is fully automated, completely hands free BUYER traffic. Those who want to scale up their income and traffic levels know this is the way to do it. Problem is that is usually rather expensive.

Yet I know a way to get fully automated, hands free BUYER traffic for absolutely nothing. Usually it would take months if not years to achieve this, everyone already knows you can surf for ad credits, right? That is far from hands free though…… some people spend 8+ hours a day surfing for free ad credits. Not much of that is BUYER traffic either.

There is one exception to that rule. A very simple way to get buyers is to give them the money to make the purchase. Many traffic sites understand that exception and offer cash in exchange for surfing. Again though that can take a lot of time.

Yet you can actually earn enough to upgrade in around an hour when you know how……

You simply join This Free Traffic Site, and surf 1000 pages. You will be given $13 + $1 + free co-op credits and lots of extra traffic bonuses too.

This is the perfect irresistible offer to help you get daily affiliate sales. Now if you just join the site for free you will earn $1.40 when you get referrals using this offer to buy extra traffic. If you actually use the offer to surf 1000 pages yourself, then purchase the first level upgrade costing $7.95 you will earn $2.80 per sale instead.

If you purchase the second level upgrade costing $15.95 you will earn $3.50 for each purchase instead. Now yes that means you need to add $1.95 to the free cash bonus you get. You can actually earn that from surfing too if you want to.

If you want to earn more from each sale made you can upgrade higher. The $25.95 purchase gets you $4.20 per sale. Yep almost $5 for selling FREE TRAFFIC!

Note these first 3 upgrades are paid monthly, which means you can earn monthly commission from them as well. However you can earn $4.90 per sale made using the free bonus cash when you purchase a yearly upgrade for $49.99 or a lifetime upgrade for $99.99.

Selling the lifetime upgrades when you are upgraded to lifetime level yourself gives you $34.99 per sale. So 3 sales and your upgrade cost is covered (and you get a lifetime to get those 3 sales). Of course you will also get a lifetime worth of completely hands free traffic as well.

How To Turn This Offer Into Daily Affiliate Sales?

This offer can easily be used to make daily affiliate sales by writing a blog post about it, then promoting it on traffic sites.

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Copying this post when you are not on my GDI team however will get your blog reported for breach of copywrite law…..

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