Little Fish, Big Fish

Have you ever heard the saying “Little Fish in a Big Pond”? It basically means that the little fish has very little influence or power. The little fish is always out maneuvered or overpowered by the big fish who has more knowledge.

When I think about affiliate marketing, this idea of the little fish reminds me of all the new marketers who are trying to get started. Everyone starts off as a little fish, with no influence or power, and this is why it is so hard to get a foothold in the beginning.

Fact is the little fish has no chance of success against the big fish.

The “big fish” in affiliate marketing have been working online for years, have their own email lists and a lot of experience with writing emails and getting sales. So when you are trying to get started it is important that you do not try to compete with the big fish.

Instead of working in a way that is in direct competition with people who have a lot more experience than you, choose something completely different to what they are promoting. That means you do NOT try to promote the latest new trendy product or opportunity. Instead look at something that is older, but has a solid foundation. In affiliate marketing circles those things are called “evergreen”.

My first successful affiliate campaign was exactly that.

I deliberately chose a product that was aimed at new marketers, and planned a campaign around it. I ignored all the latest releases, and I discovered that this strategy worked really well. It turned me into a big fish.

The beauty of affiliate marketing, and working online in general, is the fact that there are always a constant flow of brand new marketers. If you have been working online for even a week or a month then to those new marketers YOU are the big fish (or at least bigger than them). You have more knowledge and power than they do, and this is why you should look at what those new marketers need or want.

Think about your own first weeks online. What were the thoughts and feelings that you experienced? If you are anything like me it was FEAR. I was petrified of being scammed, and I certainly did not have money to spend on expensive paid opportunities. I stuck with free earning systems for years in fact.

Little Fish Opportunities

The first affiliate product that I personally earned $1000 with was Instant Profits Club and the reason I did so well with this was:

It was old and was completely out of circulation in the general advertising world.

Hundreds of new marketers had never seen it before.

It was free to join, and low cost to upgrade.

In addition it was also about learning marketing skills.

In my opinion this makes Instant Profits Club a perfect first affiliate campaign.


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