How To Make Daily Affiliate Sales.

As no doubt you have found out for yourself already, making ANY affiliate sales can be quite hard work. So how on earth do you start to make daily affiliate sales?

There are different ways to work on making daily affiliate sales, but today I would like to talk about the usual method that is recommended, and what I think is a much better option. To me this should be affiliate marketing training 101. Learn this and you will never fail again.

The first thing you need to understand is there is no magic button that is going to turn you into an affiliate marketing sales machine overnight. People have this idea that you can just set up an ad campaign, fire traffic at it, and the sales will come flooding in. This is the usual method that you will be encouraged to use, and I want to teach you something different.

The Affiliate Marketing Method That Is Commonly Recommended

Let me explain what usually happens in the most common affiliate marketing situation first of all….. you set up an ad campaign and fire traffic at it. That bit most people understand reasonably well. The next part of that affiliate marketing method is rarely understood. I want to make it clear, so read this slowly:

IF you have a very good ad campaign, chances are high that you will get a 20 – 30% opt in rate. If your campaign is not so good then realistically you are looking at around 10%. By opt in rate I mean people adding their details to a lead capture page by the way. You should NEVER send traffic direct to an affiliate offer.

Even with a great opt in rate, the sales rate is always much lower. A very good campaign can achieve a 5% sales rate, but on average a 1 – 2% rate is more realistic. You can also have 0% sales of course.

With 100 ad clicks then this means you can expect to get 10 – 20 opt ins (new subscribers). With a very good ad campaign that gets 5% sales the actual number of sales from 20 opt ins is 1.

What Does This Mean For Affiliate Marketers?

So this means, 100 clicks with a very good ad campaign will average around 1 sale.

To buy 100 clicks of decent affiliate traffic costs around $100. So you spend $100 to get 1 sale. The sale is usually around $10 – $20 and you have just lost $80-$90.

Those figures are for a very good ad campaign, with an average campaign, you need around 500 ad clicks to get a sale.

Spending $100 to earn $20 commission is not fun.

Spending $500 to earn a $10 commission is not fun either.

Spending $1000 to earn nothing is really not fun, and yes I tell you that from experience. After getting really frustrated with affiliate marketing I turned to a mentor to get help with it. I was told I needed to use the method above. I was also told the better the traffic I used, the more sales I would get. It made sense to me, and saw this mentor made lots of sales. So, I spent my rent money with the expectation I would make a profit if I used REALLY GOOD TRAFFIC from a professional affiliate marketer.


I am not ashamed to say I cried.

Please do not do this…..

Sadly this experience is not unusual, and the majority of affiliates spend more money on traffic than they ever earn in commission.

A Better Way To Make Affiliate Sales

A much better option to help you make daily affiliate sales is to spend very little on traffic, and still get a high opt in rate. Even better is the option where you make money on traffic AND make affiliate sales.

How would it sound to you if you spent $20 a month on traffic, but earned $100 a month BEFORE you even tried to make affiliate sales? That kinda turns the previous method on its head, right? Instead of loosing $80 because you only made a $20 sale after paying $100 for traffic, you make the money FIRST.

When you work this way around, you can use some of the money to pay for more traffic that also generates affiliate sales. So you make money TWICE.

Are you starting to understand why I am a successful affiliate marketer?

How Does This Help You Make Daily Affiliate Sales?

Using this method pays you more, the more often you use this method, so it is quite easy to run daily ad campaigns that then get sales for you.

Do you see the difference clearly between this method and the previous one?

This method allows you to scale up to daily sales that make a profit for you, the previous one is like playing the lottery with your income and loosing every time.

The Most Important Thing To Learn As An Affiliate Marketer

It is very obvious to say this, but I am saying it anyway, because it needs to be said. ALWAYS have a system that pays you more than you spend.

When you earn $10 then spend only $5 or $8 on traffic.

Have a system in place that pays you DAILY if you want to make daily affiliate sales.

When you earn $1 a day, spend $0.50 on traffic.

That is how to make daily affiliate sales.

So, how do you make money before spending any on traffic?

In my next blog post I will explain EXACTLY how to do it.


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