1000 Referrals Challenge. You Can Get 1000 Referrals Too!

You may have noticed already…. but I am a little obsessed with the number 1000. I am not really sure when it started, but probably when I realised I could add 1000 referrals to pretty much any site I choose to work on.

At the moment I am writing my free course which explains how I do that and I realised one of the most important steps is actually deciding to work on reaching 1000 referrals.

This is not an easy goal for most people who work online, but it is very much worth the time and effort.

To help explain exactly what I do to reach 1000 referrals I am giving myself a brand new site with 0 referrals to work on. That site is Diamond Hits 4U. Just to prove this is a new site for me to work on and I have 0 referrals I have added a screenshot below:

Day 1 = 29th Oct 2023

I plan to write this post like a journal so you can monitor my progress as well as follow along with what I am doing if you wish to do so. I highly recommend you also do a journal like blog for your own 1000 referral challenge (I explain how to do that below).

Today I decided to work on reaching 1000 referrals on the site called Diamond Hits for you. My first step was to write this blog post. If you are going to join in with this challenge I highly recommend you do the same.

Although you can use any account to work on this 1000 referrals challenge I am going to suggest you use Diamond Hits 4U too….. why? Because you will be able to use this account to promote 100 different opportunities on complete autopilot when you use it for this challenge….. you can also copy me step by step!

Click Here To Join Diamond Hits 4U

After joining it is time to create your own blog post…..

If you haven’t got a blog already I use Global Domains International to host this blog, and I can highly recommend it for many reasons. One of the main reasons I recommend GDI is because it costs just $10 a month and this cost is very easy to cover when you use the account to write a blog. Moreso, you can earn a LOT of money with this account as the screenshot below shows:

Click Here To Join Global Domains International

You will get a 7 day free trial before being charged $10 for your first month with this account. You will also be asked to create a domain name (I suggest using your name if unsure what to use).

After joining GDI you can find the instructions on using your account as a blog here: WordPress Blog Set Up with Global Domains International

As long as you are in my downline on GDI you are very welcome to take a full copy of this blog post (just update it with your own links and progress details).

After writing this blog post I will send it out to my email list. If you haven’t got an email list yet, don’t worry, I will explain how to do this as well.

Tomorrow I will add my day 2 journal entry below which will include a copy of the email that I sent out as well as an update on my results……


I sure am…..

Day 2 – 30th October

So, the email that I sent out to my list yesterday gained me 20 referrals so far. Not bad for spending a few minutes writing a blog post and email eh?

The email I sent out is shown below:

Did this email work?

Well I got my first 20 referrals by sending it out:

The majority of people struggle to get that many referrals in total, never mind in 1 day. This is why building your email list is one of the best things you can do.

Now, lets talk about list building and how to do it. I deliberately choose Diamond Hits 4U as the site to work on for my 1000 referrals challenge because it is a traffic site that can be used to build my email list on autopilot.

This takes a little time and effort at first, but it will soon be a self generating traffic system that I can use as part of my Earn $100,000 in 2024 plan. This plan is all about building 100 different income streams on autopilot with the target of reaching $1000 from each one. To achieve that I need to have a system of list building that will constantly add new subscribers to my email list.

Diamond Hits 4U will allow me to add 100 different websites when I have it upgraded (I will explain more about how I do that later), and many of these will be lead capture pages. These lead capture pages are used to gain subscribers.

I start off with just 1 lead capture page, which is designed to help me work on reaching $1000 earned with the first income stream I want to build. That site is Ads by UAP.

The lead capture page I am adding is this one: https://llpgpro.com/simplesitepaysfortraffic/

The import code is: page-aYVfbZWwwm

(You will need a free account with Leadsleap to be able to import this page – click on Page Manager, then add new, then add design to use the code)

Today I will add my lead capture page for building Ads by UAP to Diamond Hits 4U to get that process started. To do that I click on the MY SITES tab on Diamond Hits 4U, add a name and the link to my lead capture page and save it.

I have already claimed the free 1000 ad credits provided, by surfing 100 pages of other member ads, and I have allocated 100 credits to this page:

Thats it….. not hard is it?

EVERYONE can do this. EVERYONE should do this….. but they don’t. Then I get all sorts of emails and messages asking for help.

YOU need to learn how to build YOUR email list if you want to get 1000 referrals on any program. That is just a fact…..

Now that I have added this update for today, I send a new email to my list.

Tomorrow I will add an update of my results, show you the email I sent out and explain the next step.

Day 3 – 31st October

I have just checked my account and I now have 30 referrals added:

Not many people can achieve this so quickly so don’t worry if you have no referrals yet. I have been doing this for years so give yourself a little time to get into the swing of it all. It does take time to build up a responsive email list.

The email I sent out yesterday was quite a long one (I like to vary the length of emails) and I used it to promote multiple options:

You do need to understand that you will build up some momentum as you start to progress with this challenge. It is important that you record and share your results as this will interest and motivate your subscribers. People enjoy reading about your progress…….which is why I always recommend to write a blog.

In addition to sending emails to your current subscribers, you need to ALWAYS be working on adding new contacts. There are many ways to do this, and Diamond Hits 4U has multiple options available. Today I want to talk about using the Chatbox feature effectively.

You will see the chatbox option when you are surfing on Diamond Hits 4U:

Using this chatbox feature allows you to start building a relationship with other members of the site. This is important, and it will help you to get better ad results too. Why? When someone recognises your name they are more likely to look at what you are promoting…… even if only out of curiosity.

Remember to use the chat box to be friendly, NOT to try and promote something. You will get blocked for doing that….. get into the habit of adding a hello in the chat box when you log in to surf. Oh and always add a image too!

All of these little things are important to help you get better results when using any traffic exchange. Think about this as general guidance to help you use traffic exchanges more effectvely!

Now, lets get back to how to get more referrals on Diamond Hits 4U. To reach 1000 referrals you should also be using some other traffic exchanges – they are full of people who are your exact target audience.

One of the best and busiest traffic exchange sites is Hungry for Hits. This site has over 30,000 members.

Click Here To Join Hungry for Hits

You will be using this site to promote Diamond Hits 4U.

Today I am adding Diamond Hits 4U direct ref link to Hungry for Hits. I am also adding the square banner and long banner. I am also going to update the downline builder on Hungry for Hits with my username for Diamond Hits 4U.

Thats my work for today….. and I recommend you do the same.

If you need any guidance on following these specific steps please do let me know!

Day 3 – 1st November

Ok so now the advertising begins in earnest. I will be adding the link for Diamond Hits 4U to multiple traffic exchanges each day (as well as adding multiple lead capture pages). This will build my email list for me as well as gain referrals on Diamond Hits 4U.

I start off with adding it to these sites today:

Harvest Co-op

Wolf Hits

Beagle Hits

Each traffic exchange gives a free credit bonus just for joining and starting to surf. Usually you need to surf 100 pages to get 1000 free credits. You do need to add a site to the advertising section before you can surf, but the whole process, including surfing 100 pages takes about 15 – 20 mins for each site.

Doing this also builds up a stream of fully automated traffic.

Day 4 – 2nd November

Now my focus is entirely on adding traffic sites, claiming the free bonus credits and adding my ref link for Diamond Hits 4U as well as a few lead capture pages.

Today I added:

Ad Biz Ventures

Diamond Hunting Games

Champions Hits

I will keep adding 1 – 3 traffic sites per day to my portfolio.

Day 5 – 3rd November

Result….. how interesting. My first traffic site referral came from a banner ad on Diamond Hunting Games:

I have to admit I tend to focus more on adding websites, but my plan this time is to use all the ad types I can. Just goes to show you that is a good plan!

I have also now added a traffic site of the day to my emails:

Today I am going to go back over the traffic sites added already and make sure I have the banner and text adds activated…..

Oh and I now have 33 referrals:

Today I will also start to invite my Facebook group members to join in with the plan.

I have just added a post in my group with a screenshot of a new Lead Capture page I created:

Ok….. time to backtrack a little bit. Obviously I have got several Facebook groups that I have created and built already. In my opinion this in conjunction with my blog and email list makes it a lot easier for me to get referrals. What if you do not have a Facebook Group?

I think it is a good idea to have one BUT you do not have to. Just know that it makes things a lot easier for me personally and you might like to consider it.

I guess I should write a post explaining how to create a Facebook Group…… thats now my to do option for tomorrow.

Day 6 – 4th November

Momentum is starting to build a bit already.

I noticed this morning that I got a ref from Hungry for Hits:

In addition to that I got….. well have a look at my screenshot now:

Referrals are starting to come in from here, there and everywhere. The majority have come from my email list and my Facebook group…… BUT you need to understand that most of these contacts have come from traffic sites initially.

I will add some guidance on how I have done that in another blog post as this post is already getting very long.

Continue Reading About My Progress Here

P.S. If you are joining in with this challenge please leave a comment below so I can check on your progress.


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