How To Add Your Capture Page To Infinity Traffic Boost

The first traffic site that I recommend you use to start driving traffic to your capture page is called Infinity Traffic Boost. Not only is this a very busy site with a huge amount of members, it is very easy to use, and not expensive either. I always get a lot of subscribers joining my email list from this site.

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To add your capture page to Infinity Traffic Boost will take just a couple of clicks. First, log in to your Leadsleap account, click on PAGE MANAGER and copy the url of the capture page you wish to promote.

The url is at the top of your page in the page manager highlghted in blue:

Copy the link address (in this case it is and then log in to your account on Infinity Traffic Boost. Click on Get Exposure, then Promote Pages. Scroll right to the bottom of that page and you will see the + Add Campaign URL button as shown in the image below:

In the popup box paste the url of your capture page in the box, then click on the URL Tested slider button where it currently says NO. This will test the page is ok to add to the site.

After you click the slider button, it will show as YES and the Test Successful notification will appear. You will also see a small preview of your page in the box under that.

Click on the Save Campaign URL button, and this adds your capture page to the advertising section of Infinity Traffic Boost.

IMPORTANT – You Must Have Ad Credits for your page to be seen by other members. You can purchase ad credits, or you can surf other member ads to earn ad credits.

Purchasing Ad Credits on Infinity Traffic Boost

There are many different ad packages available on this site, starting from just a few $$. To purchase an ad package click on BUY TPO button in the main menu, then scroll down the page until you see the order form:

The price of TPO1 is around $3 (it changes based on the value of Bitcoin). You can also purchase traffic packages using your account funds, and this will give you a discount. Choose the ad package you wish to purchase and then scroll down until you see the Add to Cart Buttons. Choose the one you wish to use and click it. The ITB Funds one is easiest, and you can earn the funds by surfing ads daily.

When you have purchased ad credits your capture page will be shown to other members. If they are interested in your offer they add their details to the capture page and become your email subscriber. You can then send emails to them completely free of charge to promote ANY site or affiliate product etc that you wish to work on.

The more you promote you capture page, the more email subscribers you will get, and the more referrals you can gain over time.

Surfing For Ad Credits (and Funds) on Infinity Traffic Boost

To surf for ad credits, which will also add funds to your account, click on the SURF PAGES button in the main menu. The first thing you will see is a captcha to complete:

After completing the captcha the first ad page will automatically open, and you will see a timer at the top of the page. When the timer finishes, you will see a notification to click on a specific colour box to verify your page view.

You will also see the number of pages surfed today, the ad credits earned and the total number of ad credits you have available in your account:

If you surf at least 10 pages you will qualify for the daily bonus payment. The more you surf the more you will earn (you get a surf bonus share for every 10 pages viewed).

Note this bonus payment is added to your account at midnight so you will see it the following day in your account.

If you want to use surfing to pay for your account upgrade (which I highly recommend if you are a free account member), then you should aim to surf at least 100 pages a day. It takes a bit of time, but the upgrade is well worth working on. It will make team building a lot easier for you, and will earn you more in the long run.

To speed up your earning you should also work on getting active referrals.

Monitoring Traffic Levels

To set up a fully automated team building system you will need to upgrade on Infinity Traffic Boost, and you will need to work on continually increasing your traffic levels and results.

You do this inside your Leadsleap account. Click on the PAGE MANAGER and then on the little graph icon under the capture page link. This will open the detailed statistics section.

The first thing you want to work on is reaching 100 hits per day, then aim to keep increasing that number. If you do this, you will get more and more subscribers joining your email list.

In the stats by source section you will be able to see the number of email subscribers who have joined your list from each traffic source you add.

Learning to pay attention to these stats will make you much more effective as a team builder and affiliate marketer. I will cover more training on this topic in future blog posts.


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