50 Referrals in Under A Week Using Free Traffic

Yep, it took me 6 days to reach 51 referrals on a brand new site I joined. That site is Diamond Hits 4U <<< Click Link To Join.

I used 100% free traffic methods to achieve this….. actually I guess technically I pay for my Leadsleap account upgrade but what I mean is I did not spend any money on paid ads. I used my Leadsleap account to send emails to my list and that is free to do. As well as that I used traffic exchanges with free promo codes.

Below you can see my screenshot showing I have now got 51 referrals:

To read exactly how I did it step by step guide please refer to my blog post:

1000 Referrals Challenge. You Can Get 1000 Referrals Too!

My next target is to reach 100 referrals. I want to keep building on the momentum that I have started, so I will continue with my plan of joining 1 – 3 new traffic exchanges each day. I log in and I surf 100 pages and this gives me 1000 ad credits most of the time. By working on this each day I am basically building an automated ad campaign which gets more and more hits each day.

Its a cumulative effect which is quite hard to achieve without using traffic exchanges….. because there are a constant flow of hits happening until the credits run out. Unlike mailers, where older emails are rarely opened, traffic exchanges keep generating live traffic long after you have added them to a site.

Lets look at a simple example of what is happening to my ad. Imagine I only add a single traffic exchange to my system each day. Imagine too that I log in and I surf 100 pages on a single site each day and I get 1000 ad credits.

Day 1 – I add my ad to Actual Hits 4U. I am getting about 15 – 20 hits per day.

Day 2 – I add my ad to Hungry for Hits. I get about 50 hits a day there….. so now I have 65 hits a day happening.

Day 3 – I add my ad to Aries Hits. I get about 30 hits a day from there…… so now I reach 95 hits a day.

As long as I keep adding a new traffic site each day then my hit levels will keep going up.

By the time I reach day 10 I could easily have 300 hits a day happening. With some more sites added I could reach 500 hits a day, then 1000 etc etc.

Now some sites use ad credits faster than others. I might need to log in and do a little surfing to build up some more credits on those specific sites, BUT the slower sites will keep ticking along for weeks or even months without me needing to surf on them. This is why I LOVE sites that are a little slower to deliver all the hits allocated. Those sites allow me to scale up my traffic levels so easily…..

It doesn’t take long to surf 100 pages on a traffic exchange, and actually I can surf on 3 – 4 sites at the same time.

When you add in the fact you often get free cash for surfing, which then can pay for upgrades, this takes the automated traffic to a whole new level. You create a fully automated traffic system with no surfing required…..

Day 7 – 5th November

The referrals just keep coming in day after day. I am now up to 60 as you can see.

I had a look at the referral source of all of my referrals and 37 of these referrals joined from my blog:

Of course I sent out a link to my 1000 referrals challenge to my email list, and new subscribers also get sent a link to that blog post….. but this figure shows just how effective it is to write a blog post such as my 1000 referrals challenge one. Do make sure you read that post too!

1000 Referrals Challenge. You Can Get 1000 Referrals Too!

One of the reasons this kind of post is so effective is because it engages your audience. It is not an advert, it is a story. It raises curiosity levels, engages people in the “will she make it” emotions, and also provides guidance at the same time. These are 3 of the most impactful strategies that you can use as a marketer.

This challenge not only keeps me focused on my task, it brings my readers along with me in my journey, even if they are not joining in….. there are people just reading my posts to find out what I will do next. Most importantly a blog post challenge like this gives me a reason to keep talking about how I am getting on.

Have you ever been on an email list where the sender just keeps saying “join this site”? It gets so boring after 2 or 3 times and gives you no reason to open the emails in future. On the other hand, a challenge like this gets more and more people engaged as you keep sending out updates.

You need to give people a reason to open your emails. You need to KEEP people engaged and curious. This is why a blog works long term. People get curious about YOUR story and a blog allows them to follow it. It is very important that a blog is not disengaged from your personal progress, simply providing facts, or guidance misses the point somewhat.

I know this challenge is about Diamond Hits, but let me show you something else too:

The screenshot above shows the registration date for those joining my team on Global Domains International. This is directly linked to my 1000 referrals challenge post. Notice how people are joining my team each day? Yet other people struggle to get 1 or 2 referrals for this program in months and say it is saturated….. There is no such thing, there is simply a glut of the SAME advertising.

Using an account with Global Domains International PROPERLY, ie, by using it as a blogging platform, is an extremely effective method to build your team on ANY site or opportunity. This account is a virtual goldmine which I wholeheartedly recommend without any hesitation whatsoever to any marketer promoting any program. If you are not using it then you are missing out on a lot.

Truth is I can teach anyone how to use a blog effectively, to reach 1000 referrals on any site….

If you want to follow my guidance you will of course need to join me on Global Domains International. I give my team constant training via my blog posts on how to write effective blog posts and even allow MY DOWNLINE ONLY to copy and paste the majority of my posts to make it easier too.

Click Here To Join Global Domains International (You will join under Matthias who is one of my team members when you use this link. I write a blog post promoting for each person in my team, so I will be writing one for you too when you join using the link above).

Sorry I got a little sidetracked from my Diamond Hits promo update today…. but this is important information too. I will talk more about traffic exchanges in tomorrows update. I have some more important info to share….

Day 8 – 6th November

I have now reached 70 referrals as you can see. All of my new referrals joined via my blog post…..

I sent a link to my blog post to my emal list.

This is how it works:

I add my lead capture pages to traffic sites, and that gets me new subscribers on my email list. I write blog posts and send those to my email list.

Today I got 2 new subscribers from adding my capture page for 1000 refs onto Water World TE…..

Day 9 – 7th November

I seem to be maintaining an average of around 9-10 refs a day at the moment. I have bearly started my promoting system as well.

My plan is to add my 1000 Referrals Capture Page to 100+ Traffic sites and allocate 1000 hits from each.

So far I have added it to:


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