6 Seconds to Success!

I am sure you know already that Traffic Exchanges are an amazing tool for promoting your business online, but they can also be time consuming.

Many Traffic Exchanges have special bonuses and rewards for surfing and these can be used very effectively to generate higher level profits and traffic when you use them strategically.

For example, at the moment you can earn $0.25 for each ACTIVE free referral gained on 6 Second Surf.  You can get another $0.28 bonus per day for surfing rewards. 

This gives the perfect opportunity for maximizing profits.  You can quite easily use these bonuses to earn an upgrade = more traffic and commission payments.  

To make the most of this bonus I invite you to join our team of active surfers on 6 second surf who are all working to upgrade their membership ASAP. 

==> Click Here To Join 6 Second Surf

We all agree to work on the site daily to earn the monthly upgrade of $12.  

Upgraded members earn 35% commission so that gives $4.20 from a referral upgrade.  1 upgrade per month along with the surfing bonus covers the cost to pay for the upgrade.  More than 1 upgrade per month = easy profits.  

Watch for the Balloon Game!  Chance to win 100 credits, 100 Banner Credits and 100 Text Credits.

Surf 50 pages and win 250 credits, 500 Banner and Text Assignments.

Be sure to click on the SAVE button when you list your website.  If you don’t, the site will remain paused and won’t get any traffic.

Watch for the Food Games and Diamond Hunting Games icons.

Bonus #2

Surf 125 pages and win 250 credits, 500 Banner and Text Assignments.

==> Click Here To Join 6 Second Surf


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