Set Up Your Leadsleap Account For 100 Referrals Challenge

Ok so the first thing you need to focus on for the 100 referrals challenge is getting your Leadsleap account fully set up and ready to work for you.

We will be using this lead capture page:

You should ADD this page to your promoting routine and keep sharing the One Team Page as well.

You will be importing this page into your account on Leadsleap.

To do this click on PAGE MANAGER then ADD PAGE. You will be asked to give the page a name:

I suggest you use “100 Referrals Challenge” as the name for this page. When you click Add the page will be added to your list:

Next click on the Add a new page design to start button, and you will see the 2 options below:

In the import share code box enter this code: page-afkMVGGZZZZ click on Import Now.

You will now have a copy of my Lead Capture Page inside your Leadsleap account and it will look something like this (the link will be different):

You are going to see an error message that says list does not exist. We will fix that next….
That is the first part of the set up done, easy right?

Now you need to create an email list in Leadsleap. This is very easy too.

Click on LIST MANAGER, then Add New List. Call it 100 Paid Referrals and then click add now. Boom, you now have an email list!

When you add the list you will see a red notification like this:

Click on the little cog icon and a form will pop up for you to complete. You need to add your own details and email address to this form. Click the button to send a code to your email address after adding your address, go copy the code and enter it in the code box.

Fill in the rest of the details, and make sure you click the little box to agree the terms, then click activate now button:

Your email list will now be active and ready to connect to the page you imported.

To connect the 2 together, you need to open the page manager again and click on LAUNCH EDITOR.

In the editor window, click on LIST then GET LIST ID

Choose your new list from the drop down menu and the ID will appear in the box.

Click on the green save button in the top right corner, and your page and list will now be connected.

Click link below for the next step:

Add A Welcome Email To Leadsleap System


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