100 Referrals Challenge

The thing that everyone on the team wants to know about is EXACTLY how to get referrals…..

If I wanted to get 100 referrals for any business, what would I do?
The first thing I would do is to write an email and send it to my list…… BUT not everyone has a list yet. So if I had no email list then what would I do?

I would start off by creating a lead capture page……. Hmmmm not everyone knows how to do that either. So of course I would create one and share it. What opportunity shall we work on building?

Lets work on getting 100 referrals for EACH of our team builds.

What a fun challenge…… if everyone on the team joined in with this challenge their income levels would just soar. In fact you could earn around $5000 pretty fast.

Ok so if you would like to join in with this challenge you will need 2 accounts to get started:

Leadsleap (so you can import my capture page and send out emails to your subscribers). To join Leadsleap you should use the link sent to you from the person who invited you this challenge. If you were not sent a link you can use this one:

Click Here To Join Leadsleap 

Team Build Machine. This account is the foundation of the challenge. You will be directing people here first of all. To join Team Build Machine you can use this link: https://teambuildmachine.com/

When you have both accounts you are ready to work on this challenge.

I highly recommend you also join our Facebook Group.

I will now walk you through what to do step by step.

Set Up Your Leadsleap Account For 100 Referrals Challenge


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