Lead Capture Pages For You

If you have read my blog post How To Become A Team Build Machine already, and understand that it is important to use Lead Capture Pages to build your email list, you might want to know how to get these pages.

I do plan to provide some training on how to create your own pages soon, but I will also be providing all sorts of pages that you can import into your Leadsleap account. I have over 400 pages that I have created for a variety of sites and campaigns.

I plan to add some information about conversion rates for each page I provide as well. Also the traffic sites that have gained me the most subscribers with each page. For example, this lead capture page:

I have used this page to help me get referrals for Ads By UAP and FaucetWave mostly, but other sites too.

If you would like to import this page into your account on Leadsleap you can use the code: page-aYNvVNwNTG

I have added 100 subscribers to my list with this page.

The majority of these subscribers have come from Infinity Traffic BoostActual Hits 4U and Traffic Ad Bar.

Here is the screenshot showing my traffic levels and conversion rate:

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