How To Use Our Facebook Group To Get Personal Referrals

ALL members of One Team, One Goal are encouraged to use our Facebook group to help them to get personal referrals. To do this effectively you should do the following:

First of all make sure that you are generating traffic to the team page on a daily basis. If you are not doing this then you are not helping to bring in new group members, and getting referrals from the group gets harder and harder for everyone.

Participate in the group posts by liking and commenting on them. There are multiple posts shared that are designed to help our members to get referrals. We also do various random draws for referrals in the group as well. The more active you are in the group the more other members will get to know your name. You will also get notifications when other people leave a comment on the same post. This allows you to see if someone is asking for a link to join a site, or asking for information etc.

Watch out for comments from people asking for help to get started, or asking questions about the group, the team builds, etc. Reply to these comments to offer help, guidance, and answers to questions. The more helpful you are the more people will be willing to join a site using your referral links. Do not just add a link and hope that someone will use it.

Follow up with people you have replied to and check on progress. Ask how they are getting on so far, share your own tips for using the sites, and provide encouragement. Let others know that you are making progress and how.

Add HELPFUL posts to the group directly. Point out extra ways to use the sites in our plan for earning, or ask if anyone needs help with getting started. DO NOT just add a referral link and DO NOT share information about sites that are not in our plan. Everyone needs to use the same sites to maximise income levels and sharing other sites dilutes this. Anyone sharing sites not in our plan either in the group or via PM etc will be removed and blocked from the group.

Aim to connect with at least 5 people from the group to provide guidance and encouragement. These people will most likely become your referrals on the sites as you progress and continue to guide them forward. Providing guidance to others is the most effective way to build your team on EACH program that we use.

If you work on using the group as outlined above, and do so consistently, you will get as many referrals as you could ever need to build high level income. You DO NOT need to promote each site we use on traffic sites etc to get referrals. Using the group to provide support and guidance is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than using any traffic site will ever be. The more you do it, the more confident you will get as well. Aim for QUALITY over QUANTITY. You do not need to try and answer every comment…..


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