Team Building First Steps

The first thing you need to learn to do with regard to team building online is how to use a traffic site. There are many different traffic sites available, and each one usually has different features. To start learning about traffic sites I suggest all of our team members begin with using Hungry For Hits. This is a very busy traffic exchange site with over 30,000 members. You will also make some money just for using it as a free member.

Click Here To Join Hungry For Hits

To start using this site to generate traffic, the first thing you will need to do is to add a website link that you want to promote.

ALL team members should be promoting our team page link which is:

To add the team page to Hungry for Hits follow the steps below:

Click on ADVERTISING tab and then choose MY ADS. Click on that and then choose WEBSITE from the drop down list.

This opens a new page where you will see the simple form to add the website details:

In the site name box I suggest you use the name “One Team, One Goal”

In the URL box copy and paste the team page link:

Set the Max hits per hour to 10.

When you have done that, click the Add Website button under the form:

The page will open with a blue frame around it and one of the team pages will show in the box. There are 4 different pages included in the team page link so the image might vary from the one shown below:

When you see the green lights confirming the page shows correctly, you then need to click on ACTIVATE YOUR WEBSITE button.

The team page link will then be added to the site and is ready to start getting viewed by the other site members.

The next thing you will need to do for the page to be seen is to earn and allocate ad credits.

As a new member you will get 1000 free ad credits, but you will need to do some surfing first.

To do this click on the SURF button as shown below:

A new page will open and you will probably be told that you need to allocate a % of your add credits to your ad. The % varies for different membership levels and I think it is 80% for free members.

Simply update the form with the % you are told to allocate, and save the setting. You can now click again on the surf button and you will be taken to the surfing page:

For each ad you view on Hungry for Hits, you will earn some ad credits. You will also be able to earn cash while you surf, by playing the games.

To move the surf window on to the next ad, you need to click on the matching image at the top of the page. In the example above I would have to click on the image to the end right, as that matches the first one.

There are many games on Hungry for Hits, and you will see these when you surf. One of the games is called VTG (Viral Traffic Games) and it shows up as a shield beside the images:

Click on the shield to play the game and a new page will open. At first there is a timer at the top of the page, then you will see the Open VTG pize page link:

Click that link and you will see the game page:

You just need to move the character by clicking in one of the highlighted boxes to win the prize. You can win free advertising on this game or a cash prize. On this occassion I won some free banner ads:

As I said there are many different games on Hungry for Hits and you simply need to keep an eye out for them while you are surfing. Many of the games pay small cash prizes. A sample of the cash prizes are shown below:

I have personally earned and been paid over $150 on Hungry for Hits from playing the games on this site:

In another blog post I will provide you with guidance on how to use this free cash to create a very nice additional income stream.

For now I recommend you surf on Hungry for Hits on a daily basis if you can. The more you surf the more ad credits and cash you will get. By promoting the team page you will be helping us to keep increasing the number of team members we have getting involved in One Team, One Goal. This leads to long term success for everyone. It also keeps adding people into our Facebook group, which you can use to get personal referrals.

How To Use Our Facebook Group To Get Personal Referrals


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