How To Become A Team Build Machine

The majority of people who work online struggle with team building at first. It took me years to figure out how to do it. Now I can build ANY team I choose to work on to reach 1000+ people.

The first thing you need to do is learn about building a list of contacts. If you do not do this FIRST then you will have no-one to share your opportunity with.

Many people think they can simply share an opportunity directly on a traffic site……which of course you can. However most people who do this will find they can get referrals signing up ok, but those referrals very rarely take any action or they do not stay.

It is the nature of traffic sites that causes this problem. People are focused on a different task completely when they are using a traffic site. They are viewing other peoples ads so they can earn ad credits and they are NOT looking for an opportunity to join. People join sites during this process when they are distracted by an ad that looks interesting. They will join a site during this process, perhaps with the intention of looking at it later…… AFTER they have finished earning ad credits.

Later often never comes.

When you send someone direct to your opportunity site, you are also relying on the fact that they will know how to use it. Most people do not know how to use a new site, and they certainly won’t see the potential that someone with more experience of using it can see.

These issues mean that team building becomes a very frustrating and difficult task.

To make team building much easier and more effective therefore you need to learn how to take people away from the traffic site enviroment BEFORE you share your opportunity with them.

To do that you need to use a Lead Capture Page.

What is A Lead Capture Page And How To Use It


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