How To Create A Tornado of Traffic in 1 Hour Per Day!

Traffic is the key to your success online, and this is why you need to learn how to create a tornado of traffic in 1 hour per day.

However, most people find it confusing and overwhelming. Other people spend many hours a day on traffic generation, and that is no fun at all.

Today I will explain exactly how to create a tornado of traffic in 1 hours per day, even with no ad budget. To achieve this you need to start off with a core set of just a few traffic sites. The sites I recommend for this are:

Infinity Traffic Boost

Viral Url

Hungry for Hits

100 Percent Click


You can start working on this plan 100% free, or you can upgrade on the sites to progress much faster. Both options work exceptionally well to constantly increase your traffic levels.

You DO NOT need to use a lot of traffic sites daily when you learn how to use traffic effectively.

Free Method

If using the free method you will need to surf for ad credits on a daily basis on at least TWO of the core sites. You need to surf 100 pages per day on each of these sites. If you can manage to do so, then surf on all 4 sites daily, (this will speed things up for you) but make sure you surf 100 pages on at least 2 of them. I highly recommend you choose Infinity Traffic Boost as one of the main sites, though I realize some people may be blocked from using it. You can still use this plan if you can’t use Infinity Traffic Boost.

When you surf on Infinity Traffic Boost, Hungry for Hits and Leadsleap you will get a little bonus cash added to your account for doing that.

The more you surf the more you can earn. This is hugely important as it will allow you to progress without the need for funds.

When you have earned enough to do so you should upgrade on each of the 5 core sites. This will start to automate your traffic, making it much less time intensive, but will also qualify you for A LOT of commission. Work on upgrading 1 at a time and remember you will earn your upgrade just by surfing daily.

On Infinity Traffic Boost, the basic upgrade costs around $5, Viral Url costs $7, Hungry for Hits costs just $0.50 for a 1 day upgrade, or $6 for a monthly one, Leadsleap costs $27 per month but if you upgrade within your first 24 hours of signing up, it is reduced to $19.95 per month. 100 Percent Clicks has an OTO of $25.00 so join that one after you have the funds to upgrade.

Obviously the lower cost sites will be the first ones you can upgrade.

If you follow this plan then you will start to earn commissions and ad credits faster and faster as you progress. This is what will allow you to effectively scale up your traffic levels.

Paid Method

If using the paid method you will need to surf just 10 pages on Infinity Traffic Boost each day to keep your commission levels at 80%. You will also need to log in to Viral url and 100 Percent Clicks to send an email.

Hungry for Hits and Leadsleap will run completely on autopilot after purchasing the upgrades.


Your number 1 goal is to BUILD YOUR LIST!

Never ever send anyone to your main page. 

On each of the top traffic sites, you should add a copy of this lead capture page like this:

You can import this into Leadsleap using the code page-aGfGRwWVWWG

Don’t forget to add an email list and connect it to the Lead Capture Page. Share code for email series if you are a pro member at LeadsLeap: list-efYVdkMwVu

The email series can be found in the navigation area on the left for those who use a different autoresponder.

What To Send To Your Subscribers

You will need to create a copy of this blog post so you can send the information to your subscribers by using the welcome email feature on Leadsleap . I recommend you use an account with Global Domains International to create your blog for this purpose. You will also make money from this site if you join and add your referral link to your blog post copy.

==> Click Here To Join Global Domains International

==> Click Here for instructions on setting up your GDI account as a blog

Always create valuable content that will help you build a relationship with your list. Never ever send offers to join programs in every email.

Following this plan will help you earn a small amount of cash and then I will show you to leverage that income to earn more!

Your goal is to get 4 people on your team that will follow this plan.


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