OLSP Set Up Guide

This page is designed to cover all bases, and to help you build your own list of leads, who will hopefully become your referrals in both the traffic sites, and the OLSP system itself – creating multiple income streams.

Getting Started

First of all you’ll need a Leadsleap Account. Check with your sponsor for their link First if you don’t have an account yet.

What you’re setting up here is an email list and 3 pages – One for people to opt in to your email list. One for joining OLSP, and the bonuses they’ll get, and one containing all the top performing traffic sites. So if they don’t want to join, or are already in OLSP – they may join any of the traffic sites on our Top Performers Page.

Second email list – Which is for the marketing page to promote the 3 free sites we use as part of the plan.

I have made it as easy as I possibly can for you. All the pages share codes below have had replacer links put in by me, so that all you will need to do is import the share code and then replace my links with yours, when prompted.

You may want to come back to say, the traffic page for example, at a later stage. That is fine BUT just know that if you start promoting this funnel before completing each page – My links will still be in the parts you haven’t completed…. I don’t want you losing out so just wanted to make you aware 🙂

Joining The Sites Within The Funnel:

Step 1 is to join all the sites within the plan. Go to the Top Performing Traffic Sites page of your sponsor and click the banners to join all the sites on that page. Before you join the traffic sites – set up a new gmail account FIRST dedicated to traffic sites. You’ll thank me later 😉 Save all of your affiliate links into a document, including your OLSP affiliate ID

Create Email List In Leadsleap:

Step 2 is to create your email list in Leadsleap. Name it OLSP Opt In so you can tell it apart from other lists. Just follow the instructions on this blog post: 


Once you’ve activated your list, copy the list ID into the same document you saved your affiliate links in earlier.

Import The Funnel Pages In Leadsleap:

Step 3 is to import the following pages. Save the OLSP Bonus Page until last as you will need to copy the link for the Top Performing Traffic Sites Page into your document. 

Follow the instructions in this blog post to import each page – http://clickstoprofits.ws/2024/02/20/how-to-import-a-lead-capture-page-in-leadsleap/

Ignore the part about connecting your list to the opt in page as I have done that for you with the replacer code – This should pop up for you to enter your links/ list ID etc after importing.

Share Code For Opt in Page 1: page-afNGNtwZNfV

Share Code For Opt in Page 2: page-afNfGfXXwV

Share Code For Top Performing Traffic Sites Page: page-afNGNGzWVGG

Share Code For OLSP Bonuses Page: page-afNGNGNWWkB

Set Up Welcome Emails:

Step 4 is to set up a welcome email. If you’re upgraded in Leadsleap, you’ll also be able to import my email series using the share code. You can copy and paste these welcome emails but I insist on you changing them up to personalise them and sound more like you. You’ll also need to go through the emails and change my links to yours – Right click over the link, then click link to change it.

Follow the instructions in this blog post to add the welcome email: http://clickstoprofits.ws/2024/02/20/how-to-add-a-welcome-email-to-a-leadsleap-email-list/

Share Code For Email Series: list-eVGJZWYwVwu



Welcome Email Subject: Are You Ready To Start Banking Commissions?

Welcome Email: 

~smartHi~Thanks for opting in, and welcome!

Are you ready to start banking commissions?

With this unique program you get to do just that,

All while learning the essential skills you need,

To build an online business.

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Plus all the other bonuses you get for joining me on this lucrative ride 🙂

Chat soon,

Your Name

P.S Look out for my next emails over the next few days for some great tips to help you succeed online 🙂




Subject: It’s Time To Start Seeing The Results You Deserve…

~smartHi~If you’ve been frustrated with your results so far,
its time to change that today.

Even newbies are making commissions with this super low cost program.

It includes 7 ways to earn,

Most of them are completely automated,
The system does the selling For You.

One of these ways to earn requires absolutely no selling at all!

It’s Time To Start Getting The Results You Deserve

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Then reply to this email to get your bonuses 🙂

Success doesn’t come to those who wait.

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Subject: The Secret To Daily Leads And Sales…

~smartHi~The secret to getting daily leads and sales is…

List building and email marketing!

I get it…

It takes time to build your list.
It takes time to get into the habit of writing emails,
and skills to have your subscribers buy from you.

But with this low, one time cost program,
Coupled with my bonuses…

You get to start earning commissions – They make the sales For You,
While you learn and practice these essential skills.

I wish I had this when I first started!

The first step is the hardest.

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Subject: Go From Frustration To FUN! 😀

~smartHi~Generating sales and leads online should be FUN!

But many online marketers are frustrated, stressed, and often on the verge of quitting.
I don’t want that for you.

Let’s change the “When will I get leads and sales?”
to “How many leads and sales will I get today?”

All you need to succeed online is

  1. A great product or service to offer
  2. A way of collecting and following up with your leads
  3. Traffic, and lots of it!

Patience and consistency also play a huge part 😉

Generate More Leads and Make More Sales by doing More of those 3 things.
Promote more products. Develop your email marketing skills by emailing your list regularly. Keep increasing your traffic levels.

Jump Passed Some Of The Learning Curve By Clicking Here

Chat soon,
Your Name


Time To Promote – Traffic Sites:

Step 5 is to start promoting your Opt in page link. I recommend using the traffic sites in my top performers page as they have always provided great results. A lot of them will allow you to open multiple tabs at once so you can click through the emails and earn credits fairly quickly. If you’re a free member you’ll need to do that to be able to send your mail/ad out. If you’re upgraded, you’ll just need to log in and send your ads. Do this as often as the site will let you.

If you’re short on time, start with 3-5 of them and work your way up. By that I mean, upgrade as soon as you can using funds earned with the free sites – It is exactly how I’ve scaled my traffic levels up over the last year or so. Once a site is upgraded and you no longer need to click – Add another traffic site into your clicking routine 😉

I go into much greater detail on using Safelists and mailers via my other training guides below.

When someone purchases the Mega Link from you – send them this guide.

Be sure to reach out if you need any help 🙂

Training Guides:

Guide 1: Safelist Management – Eliminate Inbox Overwhelm

Guide 2: How To Scale Your Traffic

Guide 3: Safelist Marketing – Your Ads