The Power of Free Upgrades

One of the main strategies that I personally use and teach to literally everyone that I can get to listen is:

The Power of Free Upgrades

By this I mean the fact that you can spend a small amount of time each day surfing on some traffic sites that actually pay you cash and ad credits at the same time.  

This is much more powerful than spending time just generating ad credits. 


First of all, you can earn your own upgrade from surfing. 
That helps you to move up to more passive (or automated) traffic.  
It saves a huge amount of precious time when you upgrade.  

THEN, when you build a team on these sites, your referrals can also earn their upgrades.  

When you get referrals who upgrade then you start earning commission.  
Commission can pay for more automated traffic and allows you to continually scale up your traffic levels.  
More traffic = more subscribers = more referrals = more commission. 

Do you see the cycle it creates? 
THAT is what helps professional marketers to continually move forward.  
It becomes a self feeding system.  

This is why I recommend Faucet WaveInfinity Traffic Boost and also why I really love Hungry for Hits too.  

Each of these sites will pay you AND your referrals for using them.  
Those funds will pay for upgrades. 
Upgrades = Commission. 
Commission pays for traffic so you can keep moving forward. 
It allows you to continually scale up your traffic levels, and that leads to success.  


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