How To Scale Your Traffic – The ‘Clicking Power Hour’

When I first started out, I was getting around 4-5 leads Per Week. My results were Very Slow – but it didn’t phase me. I already knew the marketing side of how to build a business online. I just had to crack these safelists and mailer sites!

I kept going, all through my frustration, and finally figured it out.

To make money online, you first need an offer – we have that with our GDi Team Build Funnel. Many different income streams in fact!

Then you need Traffic to Generate Leads. Not all leads become customers – so you need lots of them.

To get lots of leads – you need a lot of traffic. To get a lot More leads – you need a lot More traffic!

I’m now getting about 7 leads PER DAY. I hope that by sharing my strategy with you, it saves you a lot of time and frustration from trying to figure it all out 😉

There are 3 ways you can do this:

1. Free Method

To scale your traffic with safelists and mailer sites using the free method – you’re going to be spending a lot of your time clicking for credits… Does anybody have time for that?! We are all limited on time, whether you’re full time, part time, or squeezing in an hour a day. It will take a very long time to build your list of leads this way and you’ll probably burn out before you reach your goals.

2. Paid Method

To scale your traffic using the paid method – you’re going to be spending quite a bit of money to get things going. Your results will be much quicker but it will still take some time before you start seeing the financial gains – lets be realistic here!

Pouring lots of cash into it right off from the start isn’t the answer – at least not while you’re learning how to turn these leads into customers. A sensible ‘out of pocket monthly expense budget’ isn’t a terrible idea though. I do not recommend anyone take money out of their life savings to do this.

3. A Combination Of Both

To scale your traffic with this method – you will be clicking for credits AND upgrading on traffic sites which are performing well for you. This is the method I recommend. This is how I’ve scaled my traffic. I do have a sensible out of pocket expense budget which I’m comfortable with. But even if you have zero budget – you can still do this! As long as you’re consistent with promoting and emailing your list, you’ll soon start seeing commissions coming in. So there is some money you can use to scale your traffic. It’s exactly how I’ve done it.

So by using a combination of both – you can slowly but surely scale your traffic levels – increasing the amount of leads coming onto your list – and the amount of referrals from those leads.

The ‘Clicking Power Hour’

I recommend starting with 3-5 traffic sites and clicking for credits each day – or whatever amount you can handle in the time you have for business building.

I started out with 2x Power Hours each day, where I would click for credits in between mailings (the email ads you send out) – and click just enough of the emails to earn myself enough credits to send my own ads out.

To keep organised with this I recommend either using a diary, spreadsheet, calendar, or a document of some sort. Have your safelist/mailer sites listed, along with the date of your next mailing, and the amount of credits you need to earn.

This makes it easy for you to scan though your list of sites and get clicking!

You will have also seen my ‘Eliminate the Inbox Overwhelm’ training and have each site in it’s own label by now – so you can just go straight into that label and start opening the credit links within those emails. A lot of the traffic sites will let you open multiple tabs at once, rather than sit their opening each link one by one and waiting for the timer – so you can earn more credits, on more sites much faster!

Keep at this (the daily clicking power hour – I still do this now!) while your earnings are slowly increasing on the free sites. Once you’ve earned enough on the free sites for one of the upgrades on a traffic site – UPGRADE.

Usually when you upgrade on a traffic site, you’ll either not have to click for credits at all anymore, or you’ll earn more credits for each click – saving you a lot of time. You’ll also usually be able to email more members, more often.

This is when you add another traffic site into your daily clicking power hour routine. So if you were clicking for credits on 3-5 sites per day before – you will now be clicking on 3-5 sites PLUS have an upgraded traffic site getting you More Leads.

Keep working this strategy until you reach your income goals i.e the end goal.

Your results will compound over time. Your income will be growing on all the free sites – helping you to get those traffic site upgrades faster. Your daily lead count will be constantly growing, as the number of traffic sites you’re using increases – increasing the amount of hits to your page…

Building your list of leads – who then become your referrals, into the free sites, traffic sites and the GDI team build – earning you more money to – You Guessed It – Upgrade on more traffic sites. And it just goes on and on and on!

Which sites to upgrade on first?

As long as a site is performing well, I upgrade those that have a lifetime upgrade option for less than $40 first – some are even $25 or less, such as 100% Clicks and Mailer Gold. Then save for the more expensive lifetime upgrades. I would hold off on monthly options until your monthly income is a bit more regular, or you can fit it within your sensible monthly expense budget. All the sites in my Top Performers page have performed great for me. I am either upgraded on them, or am saving for an upgrade for them.

Infinity Traffic Boost is a great site – I surf 100+ daily and have earned my upgrades in this one – that being said, it is definitely worth spending on their upgrades in my opinion. Extraordinary Solos is a site that brings in ok results. You can earn your upgrade here by logging in every day – you’ll earn 5c a day. Iwouldn’t use my earnings on this particular one but am logging in every day to earn the upgrade.

It is totally your choice on which sites you upgrade on and when. Make yourdecision is based on your own results.

Happy Clicking and Good Luck.